The Hyve's contributions to the OHDSI Symposium

From October 18th - 22nd, the 6th annual OHDSI Symposium 2020 will take place. As with so many conferences this year, also this event will take place virtually. During the meeting, the global OHDSI community will showcase highlights in the field of real world evidence generation. The symposium will include a tutorial, collaborators showcases and a 2-day study-a-thon.

Take a sneak peek at the items The Hyve’s colleagues will present during the symposium.

ETL network breakout session (Maxim Moinat): 3:00 - 4:00 am ET, October 19

Just like in earlier years, our OMOP/OHDSI specialist Maxim Moinat will be part of the expert team explaining the ins and outs of OMOP ETL processes. He will be co-leading the ETL network breakout that discusses ETL pipeline creation and how to use the open-source ETL tools: White Rabbit, Rabbit-in-a-hat and Usagi.


The OHDSI suite is an open-source, modular solution that enables organizations to explore 360° patient journeys and turn data into evidence. The ecosystem provides a broad range of tools that cover all aspects of real world data and evidence − from data characterization to a standardized data model (OMOP CDM). This enables large scale cross-database analytics with OHDSI.

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Demonstration of new Atlas visualisations (Maxim Moinat): 5:00 - 6:00 am & 10:00 - 11:00 am ET, October 19

Together with UCB we have developed exciting new Atlas features such as a timeline visualisation that allows for comparison of patient records. Florence Giessen from UCB and our OMOP/OHDSI specialist Maxim will provide a demonstration of all added features during the OHDSI Symposium 2020. Visit our case about the Atlas developments and/or follow the discussion about the new visualisations in the OHDSI forum.

Women of OHDSI networking session (Tess Korthout): 10:00 am ET, October 19

The severity of the COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the need for relevant clinical insights in a timely manner. In order for government officials to make informed decisions, it is crucial to monitor rapidly understand the disease progression or test the safety of newly proposed drugs. During the Women of OHDSI networking session, Tess Korthout will lead the discussion on the future of observational studies after this pandemic. Join her and other colleagues from The Hyve on October 19th at 10am ET.

Poster session: 5:00 - 6:00 am ET, October 19

Harmonization of clinical trial data and observational data (Maxim Moinat, Emma Vos)

Together with partners in the OHDSI clinical trial working group, our OHDSI and data integration experts Maxim Moinat and Emma Vos created conventions on the harmonization of clinical trial (CT) data to the OMOP CDM. Visit the poster to learn how to bridge the gap between CT data and observational health data.

Download use cases or read our blog post on connecting CT data and the OMOP CDM.

Mapping CALIBER data to OMOP CDM

Find out how research on cardiovascular diseases can leap forward by harmonizing clinical data from multiple European countries to a common standard. Our collaborators from UCL present a poster on the CALIBER data set from the UK for which we facilitated the mapping to OMOP. Read up on CALIBER here.

FAIRification of OHDSI digital objects (Emma Vos, Tess Korthout)

Bringing together two of The Hyve’s core competencies, FAIR and RWE, this poster by our FAIR experts Emma Vos and Tess Korthout explains how we FAIRify digital objects within the OHDSI ecosystem and IMI EHDEN. We focussed on studies from the COVID-19 studyathon, which are published on

Download our FAIR assessment framework pdf below or revisit our earlier poster to get more insight on our approach.

We are looking forward to meeting you during the virtual OHDSI 2020. Get in touch with our colleagues Rosa Bianca Gallo, Maxim Moinat, Emma Vos and Tess Korthout and enjoy the symposium!

FAIR Assessment framework pdf

FAIR Assessment - The Hyve’s framework to measure your FAIR journey


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Julia Kurps