Outcomes of the TranSMART Molgenis workshop

The Hyve has active collaborations with several academic groups in The Netherlands.

On 24 and 25 March, we organized a joint workshop with the Molgenis team from UMC Groningen (led by Morris Swertz). We collaborate with Molgenis, amongst others, in the CTMM TraIT project.

In the workshop we have cemented our relationship, as we both recognize the benefits of sharing knowledge. To this end we introduced each other to our main projects, Molgenis and tranSMART, and discussed the various techniques and solutions we employ to provide users with the functionality they need. This was a very interesting exercise because the projects are quite different and have different goals.

One feature in Molgenis we found particularly interesting was the possibility to use Molgenis to transform data from one model to the other. It is easy to load data into Molgenis because of the flexibility in database schema's. We could then use the data model transform tool to convert this custom model to a tranSMART compatible model, and load that into tranSMART. We will keep an eye on the development of the transform tool, as it was still in beta status at the time of the workshop.

We also had some good discussions about various other topics and exchanged some roadmap ideas on the tools we have in our portfolio. Moving into areas like big data genomics we can share knowledge and experience. The exchange session was also a follow up of the TraIT hackathon we had last year, and will be likely to evolve to a yearly tradition!