TraIT Hackathon on connecting applications

From March 17 to 19 the The Hyve offices will be home to a hackathon, organized by multiple partners within the CTMM TraIT project. Developers from the Genomics Coordination Centre (GCC), The Hyve, VUmc/BioMedBridges and the University of Leicester will come together to tackle common problems with combined strength.

We are happy that the developers of Dalliance and eDAS (enhanced version of the DAS protocol) will join us to help with integrating these great tools and protocols in our applications.

The hackathon will consist of three tracks:

  • Dalliance / (e)DAS
    Both The Hyve and GCC have chosen to work with the popular HTML5 genome browser Dalliance with a DAS backend. Together with the Dalliance and eDAS developers we will tackle common bugs and new features for both.
  • API's: Molgenis x tranSMART
    Molgenis and tranSMART are both widely used for storing clinical and genomic data and stand to benefit a lot from integration with each other. During the TraIT hackathon we wil try to set up communication between them, leveraging recent API developments.
  • Research system x Pipeline engine
    Research systems (like Molgenis and tranSMART) have the option to run pipelines/workflows for additional analysis of data. We want to expand these possibilities by connecting these systems to pipeline engines (like Galaxy and Molgenis compute). For this, we want to build a generic component that can run a pipeline on one of the engines, including getting input data to the engine and getting results back to the research system. Next step is to add these capabilities to the research system (for example by creating a plugin).

More details can be found on the Hackathon wiki page:

If you are interested in joining one or more days and are a developer with relevant skills and goals, please contact us.