tranSMART development for IMI eTRIKS

eTRIKS (European Translational Information & Knowledge Management Services) is an Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) project which is supporting other IMI projects in their efforts to develop data and knowledge management solutions.

Many IMI projects involve the integration of data from different sources, and until now every project has had to devise its own solutions to the problems raised by data sharing. Enter eTRIKS, which aims to create and run an open, sustainable research informatics and analytics platform for use by IMI (and other) projects with knowledge management needs. In addition, the project partners will provide associated support, expertise and services to ensure users gain the maximum benefit from the platform.

Within eTRIKS we at The Hyve have worked on making the data in the tranSMART data mart available to other programs, respecting the underlying authorization rules, via an API layer. We also adapted the current R interface to work via this API layer. This work is being funded as part of Janssen contribution to IMI eTRIKS project.

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