CIViC in cBioPortal

CIViC, a resource for clinical interpretation of cancer variants, was added to cBioPortal by The Hyve.

In the decade of precision medicine, accurate and clinically relevant information on variants in cancer patients is extremely important. This allows researchers and oncologists to design prevention and treatment strategies that are optimized to target specific cancer subtypes. CIViC (Clinical Interpretation of Variants in Cancer) is specialized in providing this information and presenting it in a comprehensive manner. We are happy to announce that integration of CIViC is now incorporated in the in the latest release of cBioPortal and visible on

CIViC is an open access, open source, community-driven web resource. The open nature of this platform invites anyone to contribute knowledge by proposing additions or revisions to the CIViC database. Editors and community curators review these changes and work towards keeping this portal a useful resource for comprehensive and accurate interpretations of the clinical relevance of variants in cancer.

Sponsored by the Berlin Institute of Health, The Hyve has implemented a method that uses the CIViC API to show integrated clinical interpretation of selected variants on the spot. Similar to existing annotation resources such as OncoKB, we have added functionality to retrieve CIViC annotations by a simple mouse hover.

Users are now able to get a summary of a gene and variant from the public CIViC database without leaving cBioPortal. A link in this summary will take the user directly to the page on the CIViC website which contains extensive descriptions of the gene and variant, such as affected cancer types, tested drugs and evidence sources. Recently the size of the CIViC database has increased significantly by a donation of thousands of somatic variant interpretations from Illumina.

For questions regarding this feature or what other projects The Hyve does for cBioPortal, do not hesitate to contact us or check out the recently added gene set variation analysis visualisation.

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