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Streamline your OHDSI adoption process

The OHDSI stack is an open-source, modular solution adopted by organizations worldwide, allowing them to turn large scale real-world data resources into reliable and actionable real-world evidence. However, even with the vast range of high-quality educational resources provided by the OHDSI open-source community, the adoption process is not always straightforward.

Our workshops have trained 80+ participants from 12 European and US-based life science organizations that had decided to adopt the OMOP CDM and the OHDSI tool suite. We help bring various stakeholders within an organization to the same level of expertise and understanding of the multi-faceted OHDSI ecosystem.

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What we offer

OHDSI-themed workshops & trainings to help you get started

The Approach

Our first step is to coordinate with the client what would be an optimal set up for adoption of the OHDSI suite. We take into account the different roles of the participants, their skill sets, and any prior OHDSI experience. We are able to provide OHDSI training on multiple levels, communicate its value to different stakeholders, and help form a common understanding and shared idea of what OHDSI can bring to the organization.

Therefore, our workshops can accommodate participants from a wide range of roles and knowledge backgrounds, from technical roles (DevOps, data engineers and analysts) to business and managerial roles (business analysts, group leaders).

The Process

We strive for interactive and engaging conversations during training sessions.

To encourage dialogue and learning, we provide exercises, on-line polls and questionnaires. Whenever possible, the sessions contain demonstrations and real-life use cases to ensure the best possible understanding of the tools and the processes.

At the end of the workshop, we like to discuss how to continue the OHDSI journey. We draw up a roadmap with follow-up actions to empower the participants in creating reliable real-world evidence.

Why us?

From the beginning, The Hyve has been an active contributor to the OHDSI open-source community. Over the years, we’ve seen more organizations join the OHDSI journey and adopt its principles, processes, and tools.

With our extensive expertise and passion for OHDSI, The Hyve is fully equipped to provide OHDSI-themed workshops and trainings to help new members get started and make sure that they, in turn, can facilitate the growth and development of the OHDSI community.


What people say about The Hyve


Q: How many participants can join a workshop/training?

A: This highly depends on the topics and the format of the workshop/training. Generally we are aiming at audiences not bigger than 10-15 persons to ensure a high level of interactivity and room to answer all questions of the attendees.

Q: Does The Hyve provide the infrastructure (tools and sample data) for the training?

A: There are two primary options. (A) Leveraging The Hyve’s internal infrastructure, including the OHDSI tool stack and synthetic sample data or (B) Leveraging the customers' infrastructure, including the OHDSI tool stack and, potentially, customer data. Both alternatives have distinct pros and cons and this is one of the very first aspects that is discussed in detail with our customers before we engage in a project.

Q: How much prior OHDSI knowledge is required from workshop attendees?

A: Generally, no prior knowledge is required. In the majority of the workshops we provided, we started with the very basics of the OMOP CDM and the OHDSI tools to make sure all participants share the same level of expertise. However, if we offer more specialized hands-on trainings on topics such as ETL pipeline development, data quality assurance frameworks or usage of large scale analytics tools such Atlas or the HADES R packages, we align with the customer on the specific topics and the entry level knowledge.

Download workshop agenda

Download this draft workshop agenda to get an overview of the topics that are generally covered during the individual sessions, such as the OMOP Common Data Model, the OHDSI tool suite for analytics and data quality assessment, where to find learning and training resources, best practices and common challenges.

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OHDSI Expertise

Co-leading the technical work package in IMI EHDEN

EHDEN Architecture Workshop hosted at The Hyve (2019)

The Hyve is a core contributor to the European flagship project IMI EHDEN, a public-private partnership that leverages and further improves the OMOP/OHDSI ecosystem. The aim of the project is to build a federated network for analysis of longitudinal observational real-world data from hundreds of millions of European patients. Within EHDEN, we are co-leading the technical work package, in which we coordinate design, set up and implementation of the EHDEN infrastructure and actively improve ETL tools of the OHDSI tool suite.

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