Matthijs D. van der Zee

Software Engineer / Data lead specialised in Open Targets , cBioPortal

After a bachelor’s in psychology and a master’s in neurosciences, Matthijs moved into statistical and behavioral genetics for his Ph.D., where his passion for statistics, data engineering, and programming reached new heights. After a successful Ph.D. defense and many (co-)authored publications, he transitioned to a postdoctoral position developing open-source software (R packages specifically). After considering the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam his second home for almost 13 years, in November 2023, Matthijs joined The Hyve as a software engineer in the Open Targets team. In his spare time, Matthijs enjoys playing games, having Factorio and Dyson Sphere Program among the top of Steam charts, watching esports (let’s go Liquid!), and walking through the beautiful city of Almere with his girlfriend and future dog.

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