YoungCB visits The Hyve

The Hyve hosted a company visit for the RSG. This event was a rewarding opportunity to provide insight into the various activities and working philosophy of the company. Around 20 young bioinformaticians from all over the Netherlands attended this successful company visit. (PhD-) students and young professionals from the fields of bioinformatics and systems biology were given the chance to get a look at the projects The Hyve is involved in, and the teams with people from various backgrounds who are working on it.

The visit started with a presentation of CEO Kees van Bochove, who informed the attendees about the company's history and the advantages of using open source software in bioinformatics research. Next, Wibo Pipping gave a talk on the work being done by the data science team, while also elaborating on the data services being provided by The Hyve. After a short break and a tour around the company, a few other talks with lively discussions were given by speakers from the software engineering team, who presented their work on TranSMART, LIMS and cBioPortal.

The event was concluded with drinks and snacks, which allowed for interesting conversations between the staff of The Hyve and the RSG-members.