Upcoming webinar on TranSMART ETL (March 30th)

If you're familiar with the tranSMART application, you have probably already experienced that getting data into tranSMART isn't that trivial at a first glance. An early days Kettle ETL job:

As you might know, tranSMART Foundation organizes an interesting series of TranSMART trainings throughout the year, ranging from beginners training, data science topics, and various talks about ETL (Extract Transform Loading of data).

The upcoming webinar, which we will give, is named Loading data to TranSMART, and held on Wednesday 30th, 10AM Eastern time (16:00hr CEST). This is mainly a follow-up from the hands-on training that we held during the TranSMART Annual Meeting in Amsterdam, Oct 2015. We will provide an overview of the ETL tools currently available, and zoom in on specific tools.

Our main goal is to unravel (part of) the mystery around tranSMART's ETL.

As you can see on the Foundation training page, there is a description of topics that we could and/or will address. However, we're also very much interested in wishes from the audience. Therefore, we hereby would like to request input: If you're interested to join the ETL Webinar at March 30th, and either are new to tranSMART ETL, or you know quite a bit about its ETL capabilities/limitations: what should we definitely address?

Your input is very much appreciated! Input can be send to janneke@thehyve.nl, or by responding to this post.

Registration for the webinar can be done via the tranSMART Foundation training page.