TransLocation: LSP-TranSMART workshop in Copenhagen

On a nice spring evening Tim and I flew to Copenhagen to meet up with the people of Gritsystems. Together we form the technical heart of the implementation team of the ND4BB InfoCenter (a repository for preclinical and clinical data to facilitate antimicrobial research) in the Translocation project. The goal of this trip was to make plans on how to combine data from TranSMART and LSP in R, and to get to know the guys at Gritsystems.

The next day Erik came to pick us up at the hotel and we went to the Gritsystems’ office. After making ourselves comfortable everyone introduced themselves and we did demonstrations of both LSP and TranSMART. After a great lunch we plunged right into the discussions on how we would best get the data into R. We made great progress from the start and were quickly able to set up a high level plan. At the end of the first day we had a great dinner, generously paid for by Gritsystems, and got a good taste of Danish cuisine, thanks guys!

The second day of our joint workshop we spent both documenting our plans and starting the implementation. We managed to be very productive and by the end of the day the document was complete, the LSP RESTful API was extended and Tim had made some changes to the TranSMART R Client.

Being very happy with the results of the workshop, and the great introduction to the Gritsystems team, Tim and I spent the weekend in Copenhagen as well. We enjoyed the view of the city from the tower of the Church of our saviour, the hippie community ‘Christiania’ and the Carlsberg Glyptotek, and of course the food.