The Hyve in Sprout Challenger50

The Hyve has made the “Sprout Challenger50” for 2018, which lists the top 50 of Dutch scaleups that invent new markets or turn existing business models on its head. We are honoured to be on this exciting list of innovative businesses.

Since the start in 2012, The Hyve has developed a sustainable business model based on open source collaboration between academics and biopharmaceutical companies and hospitals, and is in the middle of a lot of award-winning innovation in the biomedical informatics space. Including data analytics for cancer genomics (cBioPortal), for clinical trials with wearable sensors (RADAR-BASE), translational datawarehousing (tranSMART), observational health data analytics (OHDSI) and solutions for FAIR Data and research data management.

Sprout is a Dutch online magazine for startups, scale ups and investors, providing news and background stories on companies so you can learn from each other.