Uncovering the Potential of Semantic Modeling and Knowledge Graphs: Insights from The Hyve's Drug Safety Webinars (Part 2)

On November 14th, 2023, The Hyve continued the journey into the world of Semantic Web technologies and Knowledge Graphs in the second session of its webinar series, titled Beyond Traditional Approaches in Drug Safety: The Power of Semantic Modeling and Knowledge Graphs. The series brought together experts to explore innovative solutions for data-driven processes in drug safety.

Insights from Dr. Andrew Simms:

The spotlight of the webinar was Dr. Andrew Simms, an Affiliate Assistant Professor at the University of Washington School of Medicine and Principal Quantitative Scientist at Verana Health, Inc.

His presentation, A Patient Safety Knowledge Graph Supporting Vaccine Product Development, focused on a knowledge graph solution developed by AstraZeneca for COVID-19 vaccine safety analyses. This solution showcases the efficiency of knowledge graphs in aligning and merging diverse data at scale, enabling the streamlined storage and analysis of COVID-19 vaccine adverse event and exposure data from multiple sources for more effective drug safety monitoring.

Dr. Simms’ presentation also covered topics such as the differences between querying a Knowledge Graph and a traditional relational database, alongside a live demo of the developed Knowledge Graph solution.

You can read more details on the Patient Safety Knowledge Graph here.

Panel Discussion with The Hyve's Experts

Following Dr. Simms' insightful presentation, a dynamic panel discussion unfolded, featuring Eelke van der Horst (Semantic Modeling Expert) and Elpida Kontsioti (Data Modeler) from The Hyve’s Research Data Management team. Together with Dr. Simms, they explored key topics, including the role of Knowledge Graphs in breaking down data silos, facilitating the implementation of FAIR data principles, and opportunities provided by Knowledge Graphs for predictive analytics in drug safety and pharmaceutical R&D.

Missed the Session? Catch the Recording!

If you couldn't join us for this enlightening session, worry not! The recording is available here.

Webinar: Uncovering the Potential of Semantic Modeling and Knowledge Graphs

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What's Next?

Interested in learning more? Explore The Hyve’s Research Data Management services and our offerings on Semantic Modeling and Knowledge Graphs. Stay tuned for more exciting insights and discussions as we continue to explore innovative approaches in the Pharma and Life Sciences world leveraging Semantic Web technologies and knowledge graphs.