SCOPE Summit 2017

Last week Kees van Bochove and Irina Pulyakhina represented The Hyve at SCOPE 2017. Held in the warm and sunny city of Miami, SCOPE summit focused on bringing together the executives from clinical operations to share their views and experiences and to work together on moving the science of clinical trials and operations forward.

This year, we were discussing innovations in clinical trials, protocols, drug development and pushing it forward, however, added to these classical SCOPE topics, novel pressing topics of Real World Data, wearable devices and innovating (or even redefining?) the setup of clinical trials. We heard a lot about using wearable devices and sensors to better understand the disease the patients are suffering from, better understand the progression of the disease or patients’ improvements, and even about the possibility to use patterns in the wearables data to predict certain behavioural aspects. The latter comes very close to the RADAR-CNS project that The Hyve is working on together with a number of partners, a project focused on using pattern changes in wearables data to identify and predict epileptic seizures.

Another subject that raised a lot of interest in the audience was Real World Data and how to leverage that data not only post-marketing but also during a clinical trial. Trying to bring more people on board with the open source, Kees gave a presentation Applying the OMOP data model & OHDSI software to national European health data registries: the IMI EMIF project in the track called “Leveraging Real World Data for Clinical and Observational Research”. It was great to get a lot of questions (one of them, as often, being about the business model of The Hyve) and to see the interest not only in the idea of Real World Data, but also in the concept of open source, which is not necessarily very popular in the world of clinical operations at the moment. Click below to view the slides from the afore-mentioned talk.

It was great being at SCOPE 2017 - and definitely not only because of the nice summer weather! Seeing clinical operations executives, people who make decisions and move the industry forward being excited about innovation made us motivated to keep working on our innovation projects, RADAR-CNS being one of the examples, and we’ll definitely go to SCOPE in 2018!