RADAR-base: using wearables during the Utrecht Singelloop run 2018

At The Hyve we aim to improve life sciences, but also to create ‘Happy Hyvers’. The 68th edition of the Utrecht Singelloop run is happening on October 7th. Following the tradition of the last 3 years, a team of ten runners is participating in the event to finish 10 Km.

This year we bring something special to the Singelloop. The Hyve will run a pilot study to collect and analyse data from wearable devices using our in-house instance of the RADAR-Base platform. The runners will be wearing three different kinds of health devices; the Empatica E4, Faros 180 and the FitBit Charge 2. Read more on these devices here. This gives us the opportunity to analyse the performance of our platform and our colleagues in real life.

The Hyve supports life science researchers with open source software and is proud to be one of the main contributors of RADAR-base and a technical partner in the RADAR-CNS project. RADAR-base (Remote assessment of Disease and Relapses) is an open source platform to leverage data from wearables and mobile technologies.

The main focus of RADAR-base is seamless integration of data streams from various wearables to collect sensor data in real time and store, manage and share the collected data with researchers for retrospective analysis. Furthermore it provides real time visualizations of aggregated data to gain insights into the participants vital signs and study compliance.

The Singelloop provides the perfect opportunity to generate additional test data which will enable us to do some fun analyses and create meaningful visualisations, while not exposing sensitive personal data. Also, it will give us insight in the performance of each of the devices and of course of the runners themselves.

We are excited to participate in the event and will cheer our colleagues on. Come support us during the race, or share the open source efforts of The Hyve and Radar-base. Follow us and stay tuned to learn more about the study and the event.

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Funding statement and Disclaimer

The RADAR-base platform was developed under projects IMI RADAR-CNS, IMI RADAR-AD, Bigdata@Heart and IMI H2O which received funding from the Innovative Medicines Initiative 2 Joint Undertaking under grant agreement numbers 115902, 806999, 116074 and 945345 respectively. This Joint Undertaking receives support from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme and EFPIA. See www.imi.europa.eu for more details.

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