Innovation Spotlight Session on Open Source Technologies for Precision Medicine

The Hyve, together with Proventa International, organized its first Innovation Spotlight Session on Open Source Technologies for Precision Medicine. We were honored with a great attendance from industry and academia and were happy to see new ideas arise for new software implementations serving the translational research domain. The interest and support of pharma companies for open source software was also very encouraging and gives us renewed confidence that we are on the right track.

The goal of this Innovation Spotlight Session was to discuss the challenges and share ideas around building comprehensive and sustainable open source solutions and their respective communities for Precision Medicine Informatics. Our target audience were pharma R&D IT executives, academic PI’s and MD’s who share a common vision that today’s biomedical informatics challenges should be and in certain regards can only be met by pre-competitive collaboration.

Below are some highlights of the day:

  • Vision and goals for Open Source in Translational Research, by Kees van Bochove, The Hyve
  • Overview of the work done in the TraIT project, by Gerrit Meijer, Netherlands Cancer Institute
  • Great demo given by Paul Avillach of new features added on top of tranSMART by his group in Harvard Medical School
  • Presentation on a new open source stack for large scale genomics data processing, by Sjoerd van Hagen, The Hyve
  • cBioPortal demo given by Niki Schultz, from the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
  • A nice broad overview and discussion on Open Source software in the life sciences, by Jay Bergeron, Pfizer
  • Many interesting discussions during rountable discussion sessions

We thank all who attended and contributed to this great day!