OHDSI Symposium Highlights: Collaborative Success and Exciting Future Plans

Our team recently attended the OHDSI Symposium (June 1st-3rd) in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, which was packed with engaging tutorials, insightful discussions, and invaluable networking opportunities. Here are the highlights that left a lasting impression and inspired us during the two days we were there.

Sunday June 2nd was a day of learning and growth. The tutorials were bustling with activity, and it was great to see the OHDSI community expanding and becoming more engaged. The OHDSI NL meeting was also a notable success, and we are looking forward to organizing a Dutch study-a-thon focused on breast cancer in the near future. Additionally, we had a productive face-to-face meeting with the Darwin EU data partners, with meaningful conversations that strengthened collaboration efforts. Collaboration is a primary value that defines our company culture since we at The Hyve believe that the only way to have an impact in a multidisciplinary field such as science is to collaborate. One of the major highlights was the ETL WG workshop that our Data Engineer & Bioinformatician Anne van Winzum ran together with Maxim Moinat and Melanie Philofsky, which was a resounding success with over 100 people attending.

On Monday, the main symposium took place on the SS Rotterdam and was fully booked, demonstrating the high level of interest and commitment within the community. The day kicked off with an inspiring presentation on the work done by the national node, setting a positive tone for the rest of the event. Our Data Engineer, Sofia Bazakou, delivered an outstanding talk about the PHEMS consortium, which was greatly appreciated by the attendees. We had a chance to showcase our work through posters highlighting DARWIN data quality and PHEMS use cases, which sparked some engaging discussions. The PHEMS consortium, led by Helsinki University Hospital (HUS), aims to help the development of new therapies for children, the assessment of pediatric care outcomes and the advancement of new technology solutions such as artificial intelligence in pediatrics. The Symposium ended on a high note with a vocal performance by the musical legend Peter Rijnbeek, leaving everyone inspired and in good spirits.

Overall, it was a fantastic event filled with meaningful interactions and new connections. We can’t wait to attend next year and continue our journey of innovation and collaboration. For more details on the event, please visit OHDSI Symposium Event.