Maxim Moinat wins the 2021 OHDSI Titan Award in the Category Data Standards

Our Data Engineer Maxim Moinat was awarded the OHDSI Titan Award in the Category Data Standards during the 7th annual OHDSI Symposium (12-15 September 2021). This award recognizes extraordinary contributions in development and evaluation of community data standards, including OMOP common data model and standardized vocabularies.

“I was surprised when my name was called out! This award really reinforces that we’re all in this together as a community. There is so much more left to achieve, but it’s nice to know we’re going down the right track with our work.”

- Maxim Moinat (Data Engineer, The Hyve).

For the past years, Maxim has been a pillar of the OHDSI community. The contributions he has made towards maintaining and developing tools, as well as converting source data sets to the OMOP common data model prove he is a member to be reckoned with. He has extensive knowledge and shares it widely with the community.

Take for example his work on the conversion of UK Biobank, a complex type of source data. Maxim led the workgroup that handled the conversion in a transparent way, and always with the goal to work towards a community standard.

Maxim has also been maintaining OHDSI ETL tools like White rabbit and Usagi. Furthermore, we would like to acknowledge his contributions to the EHDEN consortium, co-leading the technical workpackage (WP4), work on the Data Quality Dashboard (DQD), CDM inspection tooling, EHDEN’s query library and coordinating the EHDEN WP4 community calls. Last but not least, his contribution to the clinical trials working group was crucial and therefore greatly appreciated.

Maxim has spent more than five years at The Hyve and there is no doubt that he has made his presence an invaluable one in our company. Also, The Hyve would like to congratulate all OHDSI Titan Award winners across the different categories.