Open Insights Seminar at Harvard DBMI: GO-FAIR on biomedical data with the Personal Health Train

In this talk, the Personal Health Train concept will be introduced, which enables running personalized medicine workflows as trains visiting data stations (e.g. hospital records, primary care records, clinical studies and registries, patient-held data from e.g. wearable sensors etc.)

The Personal Health Train is a very powerful concept, which is however dependent on source medical data to be coded with appropriate metadata on consent, license, scope etc. of the data, and the data itself to be encoded using biomedical data standards, which is an ever growing field in biomedical informatics. In order to realize the Personal Health Train biomedical data will need to be FAIR, i.e. adopt the FAIR Guiding Principles. This talk will cover the emerging GO-FAIR international movement, and provide examples of how several European health data networks currently are adopting open standards based stacks, to enable routine health care data to be come accessible for research.

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