Data collection within IMI Translocation

We are happy to announce that The Hyve has become partner in yet another IMI project: ND4BB Translocation. The New Drugs 4 Bad Bugs (ND4BB) initiative is a series of programmes designed to address some of the scientific challenges associated with antibacterial drug discovery and development.

The other new partner welcomed is GritSystems, a recently launched Danish company, specialized in building a datawarehouse for compound-centric data, named LSP. Translocation is one of the topics that fall under the ND4BB umbrella, and one of the tasks of this project is the creation of an Information Centre that would gather data from all ND4BB projects. TranSMART and LSP are chosen to be the core components of the InfoCentre, where TranSMART will be used to store clinical translational research data, coming from studies on antimicrobial resistance. More information on Translocation can be found at


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