Registration open for 2019 i2b2 tranSMART Platform Training

On April the 29th 2019, 11:00 AM EDT, an i2b2 tranSMART Platform Training will be given, by Elisa Cirillo and Ward Weistra.
The subject of this webinar is:

"Introduction to Glowing Bear, the modern tranSMART interface, and Fractalis visual analytics".

Glowing Bear is the modern interface for the tranSMART data warehouse. Leverage new tranSMART 17.1 functionality and build cohorts you were not able to build before. Its use cases include:

  • Feasibility queries, with a powerful cohort selection interface supporting longitudinal research questions such as: “How many patients had treatment A from the year 2016 until now?”
  • Hypothesis forming and testing with the cross table and Fractalis visual analytics, in which a range of interacting visualisations from box plot to survival plot can be used to explore a dataset.
  • Data distribution portal, with powerful access controls and export functionality.

Since Glowing Bear was developed as a stand alone tool, it is not limited to querying just tranSMART. In principle, Glowing Bear can be used to explore any database backend via the API, as long as the data models are compatible.

In this training we will help you getting started with the most advanced tranSMART interface to date, with your own account on the The Hyve’s public demonstration server!

Registration for this webinar is now open.

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