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Design your own scalable research data management solution (A use case)

This page details a use case for a world-leading private non-profit foundation that operates as a research center on biophysics, cell biology and oncology and as a hospital specialized in the treatment of cancer. For this client, The Hyve created a platform that can be used by data stewards to design data models, and by researchers to annotate and publish their existing research data.

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About the case

A summary of the challenges, objectives, solution and outcome

The challenges

The client was facing many challenges such as:

  • Many independent research groups have their own data and infrastructure, with little visibility across the institute

  • No way to assist with or enforce best practices for data stewardship(e.g. identifiers, metadata etc.)

In order to provide a collaborative environment and secure data catalog for their researchers, they needed an infrastructure supporting data sharing, which would enable maximum use and reuse of data under secure and controlled conditions.

The objectives

  • Understand which data is available to be shared in the institute

  • Improve compliance to regulations (GDPR) and best practices (i.e. FAIR)

  • Manage the full data lifecycle

The solution

  • The Hyve developed Fairspace, a research data management platform that comprises services and software tools aimed at making research data manageable while complying with the FAIR data principles (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable). Fairspace can integrate with other storages via WebDAV protocol and provides an analysis environment using Jupyter Hub.
  • The Hyve created an environment for end users to connect their existing data files and annotate them with metadata.

The outcome

  • Metadata template editor based on RDF and SHACL
  • File collections browser and metadata annotation tool for researchers
  • Data catalog & search functions

About Fairspace

FAIR-by-design research data with Fairspace

Custom metadata model

Each knowledge domain requires different concepts and standards. That is why Fairspace uses a metadata model that data stewards can easily adjust.

Easy annotation

Data sets can be annotated and assigned a persistent identifier (PID) to create a semantic metadata store that contains information on all linked data sources and metadata.

Intuitive search and browse

The semantic metadata store gives a clear overview of all data assets. The user interface allows users to run complex queries with just a few mouse clicks.

Powerful analyses

Integration with JupyterHub allows for flexible analysis, query opportunities and automated addition of metadata to pipeline results.

Data sharing

Collaborating partners can be added by one-click to each collection. The rights (read, write, or manage) can be specified for each user.

Design your own scalable research data management solution!

The Hyve provides software engineering services to build or customise open source tools and enable integrations with existing data sources, in order to support knowledge creation and collaboration. Besides the platform we developed, Fairspace, we also have ample experience in integrating other Research Data Management tools such as Gen3, iRODsand COLID to tailor to the needs of our clients on a case-by-case basis. Let us help you design your own scalable research data management solution!

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