Enabling data collaboration and implementing FAIR

We enable open science by providing expert consulting on data sharing and data FAIRification initiatives. We support life science research institutions, healthcare organizations and pharmaceutical companies looking to share and reuse data in networks. Our knowledgeable consultants guide clients on architecture, technology, governance, privacy, and organizational aspects, while remaining open to novel ideas and stakeholder input to drive success.

Our focus

Data Collaboration

We can help organizations that want to set up a data collaboration to use their research data better. Bringing data together drastically increases the re-usability potential of data but comes with challenges. We advise on how to create high-level architecture, implement a new platform, technological innovations, data governance aspects, or organizational change. This helps our clients to transform their ideas and ambitions into actionable designs and plans.

  • Program setup

  • Program management

  • Technology consulting

FAIR Principles

More and more researchers realize the benefits of FAIR, but how do you implement all these principles in an organization? What components form the basis of FAIR, both with regard to the company culture and IT architecture? How to design your research, your technology, and your policies to really make the most FAIR? We help provide answers and insights to organizations faced with these challenges.

  • FAIR Assessment

  • FAIR Implementation advice

  • FAIR Training

Data Management

Good data management increases the value of data. However, re-using data in life sciences − or any other domain − comes with challenges. How was the data created and stored, how do we deal with privacy, what agreements do we have around metadata, what data models are used, etc.? Our consultants can help organizations assess their data management practices, provide recommendations for improvement, and guide implementations.

  • Assessment

  • Advice

  • Guidance

Our projects

Project 1 title

The Hyve team 2020

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Meet our consultant

Wouter Franke

Wouter is a curious consultant with a background in computer science and organizational change. He has extensive experience with the implementation of large data programs in complex networks of public and private organizations within health. Over the past several years, he has been researching and developing FAIR approaches. His goal is to ensure that data within health is available to a wide range of stakeholders and is machine-actionable. This, in turn, will significantly increase the value of existing and emerging capabilities in the field of data science, ultimately resulting in better disease prevention and healthcare for people.

Wouter hex

Meet our consultant

Marinel Cavelaars

Marinel’s expertise lies in the area where clinical practice, science, and technology meet. She strives to contribute to the development and implementation of new technologies that improve patient outcomes and population health. Over the past 15 years, Marinel has built extensive experience managing projects varying from software development, deployment, and maintenance of production installations to data harmonization and semantic modeling. She is now applying her knowledge as a consultant in data-sharing initiatives and to organizations that want to improve their data management practices to increase the value of their research data.



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