Sukhi Singh

Consultant & Business Developer specialised in Data Services

Sukhi holds a doctorate in Computational Epigenetics from joint programme between International Max Planck research school and Technical University of Dresden, Germany. After his MSc degree in Bioinformatics from University of Leicester, UK, he worked for a year on multiple projects at Imperial College London, UK and holds a B.Tech in Biotechnology from India.
During last decade, his research experience includes (Epi-)genetics, systems biology, plant and mammalian Bioinformatics, marker discovery, immuno-informatics, genome assemblies, web-interfaces, investigating visualisation paradigms, high performance computing(HPC) and addressing complex scientific questions using computation.
Additionally, he has substantial experience with team building, global networking, infrastructure (local/cloud/HPC), grant acquisition, public relations, convening, strategic consulting and innovation and technology scouting. Last 2.75 years, he worked as a Bioinformatics Scientist in the domain of plant breeding. At The Hyve, Sukhi works as a Consultant and Business Developer.

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