Elena Iamandi

Marketing and Social Media Specialist

After four years of studying law at the University of Bucharest and gaining experience through internships at different law firms and public institutions, such as the National Council for Combating Discrimination and the Romanian Ombudsman, her journey took an exciting turn.

Discovering her passion for marketing and social media was a transformative journey that began while volunteering for an international law student’s association. She found herself captivated by the creative process, realizing that marketing could effortlessly consume her hours, blurring the boundaries of time.

For her, dedication isn’t just a concept - it’s a way of life. She pours her heart and soul into everything she pursues. Marketing, in particular, resonates deeply with her; it’s not merely a job but an authentic passion. Every aspect of the field fascinates her, and this enthusiasm fuels her commitment and drives her forward.

In her free time, she finds joy in staying active through running, gym sessions, and attending classes like Boxfit. Additionally, she has a passion for volunteering.

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