Fairspace platform recognized as a key innovation by European Commission

We are delighted and proud to report that Fairspace has been recognized as an excellent innovation by the European Commission’s Innovation Radar platform.

The Innovation Radar platform builds on the information and data gathered by independent experts who review ongoing research and innovation projects funded by the European Commission (EC). These experts also provide an independent view of the innovations in these projects and their market potential.

Recently, The Hyve has been identified as a key innovator based on our work in designing and developing the open-source platform Fairspace within the EC-funded FNS-Cloud project. Fairspace has been designed to assist both research and pharma organisations with research data management - securely storing and organizing their research data sets, sharing data with collaborators, and easily searching for metadata and data (faceted search).

All in all, the platform is a significant contribution towards implementation of the FAIR principles in research and pharma. Fairspace allows researchers to annotate their data collections with relevant metadata properties and link the data to associated metadata entities (subjects, samples, projects, etc.). This makes it easier for researchers to retrieve and query their own data and it makes the data findable and searchable for others. Fairspace also ensures that all metadata entities have a unique identifier and checks metadata consistency and validity upon data entry.

The platform allows organisations to customize the configured data model by specifying custom entity types and constraints, which often are annotated using existing standards. This enables the adoption of community standards for metadata relevant for the research domain, which contributes to the reusability of the data.

The Fairspace platform was initially developed in 2016 and is currently used by multiple research institutions, for example by Institut Curie, or within the FNS-Cloud project has been considered to support use cases related to the research questions related to microbiome studies performed by Quadram institute.

Additional information is published on the European Commission’s Innovation Radar platform.

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