How 2019 became the year FAIR landed in biopharmaceutical R&D

At the Proventa International’s Bioinformatics East Coast Strategy Meeting 2019 as well as the Pharmaceutical IT & Data Congress 2019 conference in London, Kees van Bochove, Founder of The Hyve gave a talk on how 2019 became the year in which many biopharmaceutical companies have operational programs to make data FAIR across the enterprise.

The talk cover the following points:

  • Fairspace: a new cloud service to enable collaborative science
  • Implementation of FAIR in practice: which of the 15 principles to start with and what’s the RoI?
  • Common Data Models: OMOP/OHDSI, i2b2/tranSMART, CDISC, FHIR, etc: how do they relate, and which one to choose

Click below to see the slides.